Philippe Geluck (Belgium)

Philippe Geluck is a Belgian comedian, humourist and award-winning cartoonist. He graduated from the National Institute of Performing Arts in 1975 and for the next ten years pursued a successful career as a theatre actor as well as drawing off-the-wall illustrations and watercolours. Philippe is also a major radio and TV personality, having appeared on more than 1,500 TV programmes, all carrying his particular brand of humour. In 2003, he curated an outstanding exhibition to celebrate Le Cat’s 20th birthday at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, which later traveled to Brussels, Bordeaux and Rennes, attracting over 350,000 visitors. He was made Knight of the Order of Arts & Letters by France’s Minister of Culture and Commander of the Order of the Crown by Belgium’s King Albert II… for services of laughter, fun and happiness!