Päivi and Santeri Kannisto (Finland)

Päivi and Santeri Kannisto had had their share of success in the rat race. Päivi received her PhD when she was 27 and later worked as a researcher and management consultant. Santeri was a pioneer in open source software development. When they met in 2004, they both had enough of work, money, and constant worry about the future. They took a bold life decision to walk outside the box and wander the world.

Together they have written ten books including Backdoor, an IT thriller (Kustannus HD, 2009), Gilded Pooper Scooper, a collection of satirical short stories (Siniplaneetta, 2007), Happy Together, a book on relationships and the memoir La Habanera, The Escape from the Rat Race (self-published, 2005). Free As A Global Nomad is their latest book.